Jacob Kupferman is the photographer and videographer for the 2018 expedition to climb Nubivagant. Learn more about Jacob’s work at The primary media deliverables from the trip are described below.

Short Film

The first media deliverable will be a short, tightly edited video, documenting the entire process of climbing this route. The video will be 10 to 15 minutes long and encompass the process of projecting the cruxes and culminating with a successful summit of the peak. By using a variety of professional equipment in a small footprint production, we will aim to produce a film worthy of film festival consideration in the following year.

Collection of Photographs

The second media deliverable will be a series of photos documenting the remote and unique location of this peak, as well as the complexity and difficulty involved in completing such a climb. These photos will be publication quality and encompass a useful set of images for a variety of publications.

360 VR Short Film

The third and final media deliverable will be a 360 degree VR film, able to be viewed on YouTube as well as VR headsets. With more media outlets using VR video content, this film will hopefully be able to reach audiences in a new and exciting way. The film will immerse the viewer in the experience of traveling, climbing, and living on a big wall in a remote destination.